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Our page of WHOIS shows to the public profile of that he is the proprietor (the €œregistrant€?) of a domain in particular, as well as another information about the domain name. It tries, for example, €œ€? in the square.

To accede to the information of the WHOIS is simply for an informative purpose. We showed this information €œas he is€?, and did not guarantee their veracity. The compilation, shipment, spreading or other uses of the information shown by the WHOIS in its totality, or some of its portions, this specifically prohibited without the written consent of SpeedWorldDragStrip. Acceding to our page of WHOIS, you declare to be deacuerdo with these conditions.
Specialized services

To our clients and reseller, We offered additional services shown continuaciƃ ³ n. * Diseƃ±o Web * Development Web in PHP/MySQL * Development and diseƃ±o Web Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento. * Streaming de Audio, service for radios (discounts of 10% of our published prices). * Streaming de Video, TV channels or events (discounts of 10% of our published prices). * Dedicated Servers and VPS for corporative needs, include technical support. * Servers Dedicated and VPS to reduced prices, service nonHANDLED. If they have consultations write a: [email protected]

Costs of our domains Final Client: 15,00 US$ Reseller Junior: 15,00 US$ Professional Reseller: 13,50 US$ .com - .net - .org - .info - .us Domains .PE: US$50.00 x aƃ±o, with Hosting Domains .PE: US$50.00 x aƃ±o, without Hosting