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Linux P4 3.00Ghz Dedicated 
Memory: Hard 1024MEGABYTE DDR Disco: 2 Discs of 120Gb (Info/Backup) Transference: 1500GB to month IP: 4 dedicated Connectivity: 10mbps Additional: FANTASTIC It includes: WHM/Cpanel * Support in Espa? ol
1 month US$200.00
Quota of Discharge US$0.00

Specialized services

To our clients and reseller, We offered additional services shown continuaciƃ ³ n. * Diseƃ±o Web * Development Web in PHP/MySQL * Development and diseƃ±o Web Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento. * Streaming de Audio, service for radios (discounts of 10% of our published prices). * Streaming de Video, TV channels or events (discounts of 10% of our published prices). * Dedicated Servers and VPS for corporative needs, include technical support. * Servers Dedicated and VPS to reduced prices, service nonHANDLED. If they have consultations write a: [email protected]

Costs of our domains Final Client: 15,00 US$ Reseller Junior: 15,00 US$ Professional Reseller: 13,50 US$ .com - .net - .org - .info - .us Domains .PE: US$50.00 x aƃ±o, with Hosting Domains .PE: US$50.00 x aƃ±o, without Hosting