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To continuaci? does n fill the form with informaci? true to be able to take care otherwise the soon possible thing to him n. In order to come with activaci? n of its account we will have to verify the respective payment.

! Before please contracting to contact itself with us about payments!

Taxes, commissions


  By the security of informaci? has n taken the n? mere of its IP. Once env? and this form to be to him? sent one copy exact of the same to verify his does direcci? n.  


Last names:
Tel? phono:

Direcci? n:
State (province):
Pa? s:
C? I say Postcard:
* Choose a user does name and contrase? to for activaci? n of the account
  * Usuary: M? ximo 8 characters.  
I do not have a domain, TO REGISTER IT (To see availability) (*)
I already have a domain in another supplier, To update? the DNS (**)
  I already have a domain inServer.NET, To update? the DNS (***)
Does to transfer existing domain (+15$, include 1 a? or of renovaci? n)
Renovaci? n of existing Domain with SpeedWorldDragStrip ($15.00)

Where us conoci?

(*) : The domain with provided data, + 15$ to the amount to contract, + $45,00 is registered if it is domain .PE ($40,00 if it buys with package of hosting).
(**) : Is the use (with its recorder) of the same independent of the Hosting to contract, can also have a domain with SpeedWorldDragStrip and to renew it or only to change to him to the state/condici? n.
The domain enters to provide with accomodations : www.


Package of Hosting and/or domain :

Period To contract :

Modality :

* Final Hosting, normal package. Hosting Reseller, hosting remarketer with panel WHM
* CPanel: Control Panel of end user - WHM: Panel of Professional Resseller

Special notes or commentaries: (Special DNS, redirections, updates, collections, etc)


Digite c? I say:

  (Sensible May & Min)

Acceptable the t? rminos and conditions of SpeedWorldDragStrip:
* If it does not mark the square not to be? processing its order.

For the process of activaci? n the initial SETUP is free and it does not have cost.
Are the payments realised exclusively by dep? situated banking at national level (Rep) in the following accounts: (+$1.5) by comisi? BANKING n.
Bank of Cr? dito : 375-11324685-1-32 (In D? homes) Also transfer. ViaBCP
To name of Walter Mel? ndez Crag
The time of Activaci? n of is 24 hours; if it already has a domain activaci? n is only in 6 hours. If the contact is v? to tel? phono activaci? is n only in 1 hour or less (according to availability t? cnica)
If you wish to be our distributor and to obtain better prices and gains, common? blow with us a: [email protected] or it calls to: 043-9970442

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